Time Management


The Element of Success

Profitability is tied to time. You know it and we know it…all to well. That’s why streamlining your employee’s day and accurately reporting their hours is so important. Cobalt has the tools that allow you to make better business decisions because you have the proper information. Easier, more efficient, and seamlessly integrated.

Calculate and maintain accurate attendance records

  • Automate pay requirements from complex labor contracts
  • Maintain wage and hour records
  • Ensure compliance with federal regulations

Integrate technology and information seamlessly

  • Interface with your payroll and HR databases
  • Complete scheduling functions
  • Automatic payroll calculations
  • Empower employees through the web and reduce the workload for your HR. Employees are able to:
    • Track their own time cards online
    • Track their benefits online
    • Request time off

Additional Services